Breakfast Menu

A choice of cereals; weetabix, cornflakes and rice krispies.

Bread; wholemeal toast and crumpets.

We also serve fresh fruit and yoghurt
Full fat milk (semi skimmed for 2-5’s where appropriate) or water to drink.

Tea Time Menu

Week 1

  • Chicken burger in a wholemeal bun with lettuce and tomato
  • Baked potato with cheese and mixed bean (chickpeas, sweetcorn, kidney beans, haricot beans and canellini beans) side salad
  • Fish cakes, potato shapes and peas
  • Wholemeal pasta in tomato sauce with, cucumber/carrot sticks
  • Cheese and cucumber sandwiches

Week 2

  • Baked beans on a wholemeal toast
  • Tortilla wrap with chicken and sweet peppers, onion and courgette
  • Lamb burgers with fat chunky oven chips & peas and sweetcorn
  • Fish fingers with home made salsa in finger rolls with cucumbers, lettuce and tomato
  • Cheese on wholemeal toast with cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks.

Week 3

  • Wholemeal pita bread with turkey and sweetcorn filling served with sliced cucumber.
  • Jacket potato with baked beans, served with salad.
  • Vegetable and pulses soup with white bread rolls.
  • Mini Shepherds pie with carrots
  • Macaroni cheese bake with red pepper and courgette


  • Full fat milk (semi skimmed for 2-5’s where appropriate) / Water
  • Water is offered throughout the day
  • Where used in preparation, the cooking oil is vegetable oil and spreads are vegetable oil based. No salt is added in the cooking process.
  • All meat is Halal